Obratel English Edition

Obratel is a festival newsletter under the auspices of the second-year students of the Department of Theory and Criticism at DAMU. The author’s circle connects the students of AMU, VŠMU, UK and MUNI. For English-speaking viewers we provide translations of reviews of all English-friendly performances.

  • Delivery Service Against Loneliness
    One apartment during the pandemic and a visitor to order. On Friday, the students of the international Authorial Acting Program at Department of Authorial Creativity and Pedagogy at DAMU staged a production of their own text The Visitor. The authors of the dystopian drama are Natali Spasova and Viktor Buzharov, who also performs in the show. The production is based mainly on the gradual unveiling of the story and the fictional world, which is not so far from our reality.
  • Prostitutes? Only in a Corset and Tights
    Female prostitution is a tricky but attractive topic in art, around which there are still many myths, stereotypes and prejudices. Will it get an original treatment in the dance performance?
  • How a Sad Clown Made Us Laugh
    What is consciousness? What is the unconscious? What is mind? These and many other questions are asked by the performer Arman Kupelyan together with the creative team of the production Playground of the Unconscious Self, which concluded the third day of the festival and brought the audience closer to the topic of the unconscious. Kupelyan created an original character with which he demonstrates fragments of his own inner world. At the same time, he creates a dialogue between the personified unconscious and the person in whom it is trapped, or with the audience itself.
  • To Be a Better Dad or Polish Reflection on Paternity
    The first evening performance presented at DISK as part of the Zlomvaz festival was the Polish student production Ojcowie (Fathers), in which the students of the Kraków Akademia Sztuk Teatralnych im. Stanisława Wyspiańskiego discuss the concept of fatherhood and the problems and issues associated with it. From the perspective of young and childless men, they look at what it is like to be a father and what their personal ambitions for fatherhood are.
  • Dance, Therapy and Fight Club
    The eagerly awaited novelty of two students from the Dance Department and the Nonverbal Theatre Department in the form of a non-traditional therapeutic session. A fusion of dance, physical theatre and fight club takes you through argument, anger and release. How is it going to turn out?