About the festival

Zlomvaz is a festival organized by students of the Department of Production of the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and has been running since 1994. In recent years, it has been a non-competitive show of selected productions and theatre projects that have been created at theatre schools in the Czech Republic (DAMU, JAMU), Slovakia (VŠMU), and possibly in other European countries.

We want to refer to the upcoming year with the subtitle (DAMU) WELLNESS to accentuate mental health topics. We do not wish to impose specific opinions, but rather to open debates and discussions about mental health not only in our faculty. Due to the necessity of maintaining a sustainable approach to work (not only) in art, we want to draw attention to topics such as: burnout syndrome, work-life balance, destigmatization of mental disorders, time management, mental hygiene… through what is closest to us – theatrical creation.


  • regeneration process
  • wake the body from fatigue
  • care and regeneration of the individual and the collective
  • goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle, but it is not a medical procedure
  • openness 
  • don’t forget yourself